Time to Review Your Medicare Coverage

As fall arrives with its cooler temperatures, beautiful leaves, football games and more, so does the annual Medicare open enrollment period for persons 65 and older.

From October 15 to December 7, Medicare beneficiaries can check their current coverage and determine if they need to switch to a different Medicare, Medicare Advantage and/or Medicare prescription drug plan(s) for the coming year.

There are several “parts” to original Medicare coverage:

Original Medicare coverage may be best for you if:

  • You have known health issues, prefer not needing a physician referral, and want access to a wide scope of physicians and hospital networks.
  • You want more predictable health care costs.
  • You require prescriptions.

There are different components to a Medicare Advantage plan:

Take this opportunity to review which plan is best for you. The first and most crucial step in managing your Medicare plan(s) is to do your homework. You can visit the medicare.gov website and preview the 2024 plans for detailed information on all your plan options. These sites are user-friendly and designed so that Medicare beneficiaries can easily access important information and compare plan options.

You can also contact the Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK) program to discuss Medicare and other insurance issues with a trained and certified counselor. This free program is available to all Kansans and provides resources to those who may not be computer savvy, who don’t have computer access, or who have questions and want help understanding the information. You can also learn more about their services by calling 800-860-5260 for more information.

As you review the websites or while you’re talking with a SHICK counselor, be sure to have your Medicare card and a complete list of your medications, including the name of the drug, the strength of the drug and how often you take it.

We encourage everyone with a Medicare, Medicare Advantage and/or prescription drug plan to review coverage during the annual open enrollment period. Your healthcare needs may have changed, or your current plan format may have shifted for 2024. Make sure you understand your options and get the coverage you need.

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