Community Resources

Counseling Services

Compass Behavioral Health
Phone: 620-276-7689
Address: 1111 E Spruce St

Winds of Change Counseling Services
Phone: 620-805-6939
Address: 302 N Fleming St #4
Ryan Veesart

Compassionate Counseling Services
Phone: 620-315-4073
Elyse Selzer

Inspiring Change Counseling Services
Phone: 620-287-8200
Laura Patrick

In His Image Christian Counseling, LLC
Phone: 620-272-9506

Kearny County

Kearny County Health Department
Phone number: 620-355-6342

Kearny County Senior Center
Phone: 620-355-6482

Grant County

Grant County Health Department & WIC
Phone: 620-356-1545

Grant County Senior Center
Phone: 620-356-2216

Loaves and Fishes
Phone: 620-353-1156

Hamilton County

Hamilton County Food Pantry
Phone: 620-384-7541

Hamilton County Health Department
Phone: 620-384-7875

Hamilton County Senior Center
Phone: 620-384-7871

Finney County

ABC Pregnancy Care Center
Phone: 620-275-1777

Catholic Charities (Pregnancy, Economic Assistance)
Phone: 620-272-0010

Early Detection Works Program (Mammogram, Pap, and HPV Test)
Phone: 620-275-5302

Finney County Health Department
Phone: 620-272-3600

Finney County Senior Center
Phone: 620-272-3620 

Finney County Transit
Phone: 620-272-3626

Harvest America
Phone: 620-275-1619

Meals On Wheels
Phone: 620-272-3620

Salvation Army
Phone: 620-805-5250

WIC Program
Phone: 620-492-6443

Educational Information

Understanding Addiction and the Services Available Video