Advancing Women’s Health through Surgical Care: Meet Dr. Jackson Sobbing, OB/GYN Surgeon

It’s common for women to be a primary healthcare focal point every October – for breast cancer awareness month – but at Kearny County Hospital (KCH), we know women’s health is essential all year round. Our commitment shows in our comprehensive OB/GYN care services, where our providers specialize in women’s unique health needs from the simple to the complex.

When it comes to gynecologic surgery, we are proud to say our patients are in very capable hands. That’s thanks to the expertise of Jackson Sobbing, DO, a board-certified OB/GYN specialist who has been performing surgeries at KCH since 2017.

Dr. Sobbing has a full-time practice in Newton, Kansas, and comes to KCH every month. He enjoys traveling here to make specialized gynecologic surgery more convenient and closer to home for women in and around Lakin. He says he loves the community in southwest Kansas – and the team here at KCH.

“I enjoy the working relationship I have with the physicians and care teams at KCH,” he says. “They’re doing amazing work, so it’s rewarding for me as a doctor to collaborate with them and provide my surgical services to more patients. My work here pushes me to be a better physician.”

After graduating from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and completing his OB/GYN residency at The University of Kansas, Dr. Sobbing knew he wanted to practice in a rural setting. He recognized not only the need to provide greater access for women needing gynecologic surgery, but also the positive impact he could make by delivering specialty care in a community setting.

Dr. Sobbing comes to KCH on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month – on Tuesdays, he sees patients for consultations; on Wednesdays, he performs surgeries. After examining a patient, he develops a personalized plan of care that includes follow-up with Dr. Sobbing or with their primary care provider.

Dr. Sobbing performs many types of gynecologic surgeries and procedures at KCH, including:

For certain surgical procedures not offered at KCH, such as hysterectomy or robotic surgery options, Dr. Sobbing treats patients at his practice in Newton.

Dr. Sobbing commends the broad scope of OB/GYN care available at KCH – a more comprehensive offering than even some larger nearby hospitals provide. He shares KCH’s commitment to ensuring women receive exceptional care locally – which is critical, he says, because a lot of healing takes place just by being part of a community, close to loved ones and trusted support systems.

“There is very much a culture of responsibility here at KCH,” adds Dr. Sobbing. “We know we can provide care at a high level because we do it every day – and for patients, KCH will always find a way to care for everyone they serve. In that way, KCH is thriving – and so is their close-knit community.”

To learn more about surgical services at KCH, click here. As a surgeon, Dr. Sobbing sees patients by referral. If you need OB/GYN surgery or other types of OB/GYN care, click here or call 620.355.7550 to connect with a KCH women’s health provider today.