Swing Bed

Kearny County Hospital Swing Bed Unit provides skilled care for persons who require ongoing hospital care as they transition from acute care to their own home. This allows a person to transfer to Kearny County Hospital where they can be closer to their home, family and friends.

Kearny County Hospital Swing bed Unit is staffed with caring, compassionate nursing staff along with other skilled services. Skilled Swing Bed care includes:

  • Skilled Nursing Observation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sterile Wound Management
  • IV Therapy
  • End of Life Care

Kearny County Hospital has a Discharge Planner who will work with patients and families to plan for transition into home, assisted living or long term care. The Discharge Planner may assist in arranging a wide range of services that may be required to meet ongoing medical needs. These services may include home healthcare, medical equipment, meals on wheels or making appointments for follow up care with medical providers or outpatient services.