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Great things are happening at Kearny County Hospital! We are proud to be a beacon of health and wellness in our beautifully diverse community. As your local provider of choice for nearly 70 years, we are dedicated to a mission-driven commitment to kindness, compassion, and a whole-person approach to care.

Our most recent patient survey shows you are highly satisfied with our outstanding care, with particular recognition of our providers’ ability to listen to your concerns, their clear explanations of care and treatment options, and the excellent reception service at clean, safe facilities. Compared with the healthcare industry average, you are more than twice as likely to recommend us to others. We’re proud of these results because they demonstrate our commitment to ensuring you the very best patient experience.

For people of all ages and walks of life, we go above and beyond to build health-focused relationships and deliver comprehensive care at Kearny County Hospital.

  • Speaking Your Language: We celebrate and embrace cultural diversity in many ways. With multilingual providers and translators, we deliver the safe, effective care you need and want, free of language barriers.
  • Partnering for Personalized Care: As your preferred provider for many years, we know you and your family, and we value patient-centric relationships that promote better health for generations to come.
  • Full-Spectrum Family Health: From primary care and family medicine to specialized care and comprehensive support services, we provide the whole-person, whole-family care you need and deserve.

Caring for you and your family: Hear from our providers

Our Healthcare Services

Comprehensive care, close to home or work.

Explore the full scope of services we offer at Kearny County Hospital:

Family medicine

Women’s health

Birth center

Emergency room

Ear, nose, throat & allergy




Diagnostic imaging

Physical therapy

Respiratory therapy

Behavioral health

Our Physicians and Providers

Highly specialized and deeply dedicated to you.

As part of our unique commitment to full-spectrum care, our family medicine providers and specialists all have advanced training to treat any patient. Meet our team:

Drew Miller, MD, FAAFP

Chief of Staff

Lane Olson, MD

Family Medicine

Kurtis Davis, MD

Family Medicine

Daniel Linville, MD

Family Medicine

Jill Linville, MD

Family Medicine

Erin Keeley, PA-C

Family Medicine

Alyssa Farrell, PA-C

Family Medicine

Diego Saavedra, PA-C

Family Medicine

Julie Munson, DO FAOCO

Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist

Tiana Bishop, PA-C

Ear, Nose & Throat

Ginnie Rincones, APRN

Ear, Nose & Throat

Rachael Cavenee, AUD


Gregory Byrd, MD


Michael Wolfe, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Alok Shah, MD


Jackson Sobbing, DO

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Simon Patton, MD

Urology & Gynecology

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Connect with our Family Health Center physicians and providers using simple, everyday phone and internet technology. Now more than ever, telehealth helps us ensure we’re providing the safe, attentive care you need, when and where you need it.

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