Electronic Medical Records Update

We are excited to share that at the end of June, Kearny County Hospital will launch a new EMR (electronic medical record) system, which helps us quickly and easily store our patients’ medical records and health information electronically. We are forever grateful to Rose White and the Patterson Family Foundation, whose generous donations have made this investment possible. Without their generosity and dedication to this endeavor, it would not be possible.

The new EMR will allow us to better serve our patients through enhanced communication, improved billing, and increased care coordination. More details to come as we get closer to rollout, so watch for updates!

Thank you to our generous community

Rose Eatinger-White

All throughout Kearny County Hospital, you’ll see and feel the legacy left by our dear friend Rose Eatinger-White. Her generous gifts through the years have supported new equipment, additional staffing, and enhanced technology that benefits all our patients and hospital staff members. But even beyond her financial support, we celebrate Rose for her personal service, her deep compassion, and her selfless dedication to making life better for everyone in our community. She truly believed it was a privilege to give of herself – and those gifts will live on through the special impact she made.

Rose’s most recent donation will help fund the hospital’s new electronic medical records system (EMR) that launches this summer. As a mother and teacher, Rose believed people should feel engaged and educated about their health and recognized the value and convenience an EMR system provides for families. We are so grateful for her gift of $175,000, which allows Kearny County Hospital to invest in enhanced EMR services – providing more convenience, care coordination and communication to patients. We look forward to sharing the benefits of Rose’s tremendous generosity with our community when the new system launches at the end of June.

To us, Rose White is a true community hero, and we’ll be forever grateful for knowing her! #thankyou