Letter to the Community from New CEO, Emily Dilley

Emily Dilley, Chief Executive Officer of Kearny County Hospital

A message from our new Chief Executive Officer to our valued patients, team and community:

Hello! I’m Emily Dilley, and I am thrilled to join the Kearny County Hospital family as your new CEO.

I am new to the Lakin community. There were many factors that drew me here, perhaps most of all the community and organization’s strongly rooted values and forward-thinking culture. I saw a team of innovators here who are building a vision for Kearny County Hospital – striving for excellence, finding creative ways to do more, and confident that a model for excellence in rural health exists right here in Kearny County.

The richness and diversity of the community was also part of the draw for me. Diverse perspectives drive innovative thinking. Different experiences, beliefs and perceptions, when brought together, make for the perfect brainstorm of unique ideas and solutions. That is what I experienced when I came here, and I am so happy to now be a part of it.

I saw who you are as a community and what you are poised to become. I saw kindness. I witnessed honesty. I marveled at how genuinely people care about their neighbors and each other. I was touched at how you reached out to make my family feel so welcome. My husband Shawn was equally impressed, and we knew that Kearny County would be a wonderful place to raise our seven-year-old daughter Telynn, and our son Beckett, who is three.

A hospital is so much more than a building and the beds inside. A hospital’s greatness is measured by the caliber of its people.

Great hospitals like this one deserve a committed, engaged, and caring team at all levels of the organization. Leadership, at its core, is based in relationships, an engaged and empowered culture, and good intentions – where we focus on solutions that are best for our patients, team, and community as a whole. It is how we can, not how we can’t.

Keeping the patient at the center of everything we do, every decision we make – that is what makes a hospital thrive. We come together to develop realistic, innovative, fiscally responsible initiatives that meet the needs of our patients, team, and community.

Collectively, with the entire KCH family, we will continue to build on decades of hard work and progress. My model of leadership begins and ends with caring – caring not only for but about each other and having open, honest, and transparent communication with one another. I’ve always said that in rural healthcare, it’s easier to keep people at the center of everything you do because you know them, you have a relationship with them. And it will be my privilege to come to know all of you.

As the new CEO, I will continue building on our strong foundation of caring, excellence, high quality care, and innovation. Great things have been happening at KCH for over 70 years now. Here’s to more great things to come! Thank you for allowing my family to be part of it.


Emily Dilley, MBA, HSL

Chief Executive Officer

Kearny County Hospital

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