Kearny County Hospital - Family Health Clinic - High Plains Retirement Village - Kearny County Home Health Agency, Lakin, Kansas

Kearny County Hospital Mission


"Kearny County Hospital is committed to providing quality, compassionate healthcare services for our community to enrich the lives of our family, friends and neighbors."



"Every employee will care for our patients and residents on a personalized basis in a warm and compassionate manner. The welfare of our patients and residents will be at the center of all decisions that we make. Treating fellow employees with kindness and professionalism is the first step to providing great sevice to our community. Every one of us has the opportunity to make a positive impact all day, every day that we are here, regardless of what our job is."


"We deliver services as a team and each employee plays an important role. Every employee must be on the job doing their best in order for us to deliver the highest levels of service. We must help each other to be successful and be accountable to each other for our actions. We will celebrate our collective and individual successes and try hard to make our work enjoyable."


"We will treat all people with dignity. We recognize the self-worth of each patient and resident by making every effort to ensure their basic rights to courtesy and privacy. We will provide an environment that embraces the richness of the diverse cultures we serve. We will treat everybody as an individual and not judge differing points of view."


"We will provide only those services for which we are trained and equipped. All of our communications and promotional programs will be honest. We will demonstrate accountability to the community and public institutions that provide financial resources and support to us."


"Value is a function of quality, cost and service. Every person contributes to the value we provide. We will manage within the constraints of our financial budgets. We will be prudent with our expenditures, recognizing our financial responsibilities. We will continually seek ways to deliver services in the most cost effective ways. Our pricing strategies will reflect market conditions and our collection practices will be fair and compassionate."


"We recognize quality as a process and a goal and will never be satisfied with less than perfection. We will develop standards, monitor our outcomes and continuously strive to improve our processes. We will expect excellence from our physicians, our managers and our employees – but will recognize errors as an opportunity to learn and improve. Our commitment to excellence will drive our training programs at all levels."

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