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Paula Roberts, RN
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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab is a monitored exercise and educational program for patients with heart disease and those who are at risk for heart disease. Our program is under the direction of a physician and combines the expertise of several disciplines to best serve the patient. The cardiac rehab team includes a physician, nurse, dietary staff and respiratory therapist. The goal is focusing on improving the patients’ cardiac symptoms and quality of life.

Who Benefits?

Patients with known diagnosis of heart disease including:

Patients with a known diagnosis of the following may also benefit:

Phase II CR

The program is six to twelve weeks in duration, three times per week and consists of individualized aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Also included are stretching, muscle toning, and weight training.

Patients’ electrocardiogram, blood pressure and oxygen saturation are monitored by Hays Medical Center during each session.

The program also includes educational sessions designed to help both patients and their families understand heart disease, risk factors, nutrition, medications, and stress management.

Enrollment Requirements

We encourage questions from patients and their families throughout the program.

Phase III CR

This program is a monitored workout on a monthly basis, three days per week. A nurse is in attendance to monitor the patient and exercise tolerance. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate are monitored at the beginning and end of each session.

Enrollment Requirements

There are no prerequisites for enrollment.

Thank you for allowing Kearny County Hospital to be a part of your life style change.

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