Social Services



1.      Care Coordination:

 Crisis intervention and support

Supporting patients and caregivers in managing life changes associated with medical conditions

Providing patient advocacy

Helping patients identify social determinants that create barriers to a healthier life

Helping patient identify positive solutions to existing

Helping patients and caregivers understand care plans

Helping patients and family members adjust to illness and/or hospitalization

Providing referrals to appropriate community agencies

Providing In-home visits

Providing follow-up phone calls upon discharge for the hospital or ED


2.      Transportation


PCAT Team Community Coalition Kearny County:

Pathways to a Healthy Kansas Grant


4.      Patient Assistance Program (medication assistance):

Assist low-income patients access prescribed medications


5.      Presumptive Eligibility (Medicaid):

Assistance with completing Medicaid applications


6.      Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Classes



7.      Chronic Heart Failure Self-Management Education Classes




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